Debit Cards

Debit Cards for Business at Affiliated Bank

Using your Affiliated Bank business debit card is faster and easier than writing checks. Debit card features include:

  • The ability to make purchases at millions of places worldwide (where Debit MasterCard is accepted)
  • The money is automatically deducted from your checking account so no interest charges accrue as with credit cards
  • Use your Affiliated Bank business debit card at ATMs to access cash, transfer money between accounts or check your account balance
  • With the PIN feature, you can get “cash back” at many merchant locations
  • Affiliated Bank does not charge you any fees to use your debit card at other locations. You are only responsible for the fees charged by the other banks at those locations.
  • Instant Issue is available at our Arlington branch and you can receive your card while you are at the bank
  • Select your own PIN at any branch location

Automatic Billing Update

When you provide your debit card information to a merchant for recurring payments (like utilities, cable, gym membership, etc.) and your card expires or is lost or stolen and a new card is issued, the information that the merchant has on file will no longer match the information on your new card.  This could lead to a disruption of your recurring payments.  Affiliated Bank is part of an Automatic Billing Updater (ABU) service through MasterCard where we make updated debit card information available to participating merchants.  Your debit cards are automatically included in this service.  For more information about this service, including an option to opt out, is available on our ABU page.

Surcharge-Free Network

When you have an Affiliated Bank ATM or Debit Card, you have access to FREE TransFund ATMs!  TransFund has ATMs in every QuickTrip Gas Station in the DFW area and thousands of ATMs nationwide including convenient locations like banks, convenience stores, restaurants and many more.

Find an ATM in the Surcharge-Free Network

Get A Debit Card For Business

It’s easy to apply – just visit with any of our customer service staff at any of our branch locations or contact us for more information.

Lost or Stolen Business Debit Cards

For lost or stolen cards please contact Affiliated Bank immediately at 817-285-6195 or if it’s after business hours call 800-791-2525.

Card Activation and PIN Changes

To activate your Affiliated Bank debit card OR change your Personal Identification Number (PIN), call 800-448-8268.

My Mobile Money Access App

In an effort to enhance payment security and reduce fraud, Affiliated Bank is providing an app so that you can be alerted in near real-time via an app message for transactions that occur on your card. You can select only the alerts you wish or all of the alert types. Alert types include:

  • Minimum Transaction Amount
  • Fuel Transaction
  • International Transaction
  • Online/Phone/Mail Order Transactions
  • Card Not Present
  • ATM Withdrawal
  • Declines
  • Cash Back

Download the App

To download the app, visit your smartphone’s App Store and search for My Mobile Money Access or click on one of the links below.

App Store  Google Play

You will have the ability to define the type of alerts after you enroll your debit card(s) within the application.

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