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Customer Support Team:  (817) 987-2400 or (800) 395-3900

SBA:  (817) 987-2400 or

Lost or Stolen Debit Cards:  Please contact Affiliated Bank immediately at 817-285-6195 or if it’s after business hours call 800-791-2525.

Card Activation and PIN Changes:  To activate your Affiliated Bank debit card OR change your Personal Identification Number (PIN), call 800-448-8268.

Telephone Banking:  (844) 367-0195 (Toll-Free)

Please remember to keep your private information private!  These are not secure email addresses and are for general inquiries only.  Do not disclose your account number or social security number to us through email.  If you will, send us your phone number and a good time to call you back and we will be glad to help you.

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