First-Time Login Instructions

The first time you log into the new Online or Mobile Banking platform on or after Tuesday, September 8, you will need to reestablish your login credentials. We are adding a new authentication feature, Secure Access Codes, to provide you with an extra layer of protection.

Online Banking Users: Instead of seeing options for Personal Online Banking and Business Online Banking in our “Log In” drop-down list, you will now see only one login point. All Personal, Business and Treasury Management Online Banking users will now use the same login point.

Mobile Banking Users: All Personal, Business and Treasury Management Mobile Banking users will now use the same Mobile Banking app.

Our new Affiliated Bank “Connect Now™ Mobile” app is available in the App Store and Google Play. Please be sure to delete your old Mobile Banking app.

Log in with your CURRENT username and password using the new login point at the top of our homepage.

The system will ask how you want to receive your Secure Access Code: email, text, or phone.

NOTE: If you are not provided a valid form of contact in this step, please reach out to our Customer Support Team at (817) 987-2400 or (800) 395-3900 for assistance. Once you are logged into the new system, you will be able to add or change your Secure Delivery information, in the “Settings” menu option, under “Security Preferences,” then “Secure Delivery.”

Input the Secure Access Code that is provided to you via email, text, or phone.

After entering the Secure Access Code, you will then be prompted to review your profile information. You can make any necessary profile changes here.

Set your new password.

Lastly, the system will ask you to review and accept the “first-time login” disclaimer. After doing so, you will then have the option to register your device so that you do not have to receive and enter a Secure Access Code each time you login using your current device.

NOTE: If you are using a public computer/device, select ‘Do Not Register Device’, and this device will not be registered. 

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